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Cattle on the Sweetwater Range

    Mike Bond has been drawing and painting since his childhood in Iowa. He finds inspiration in the vast and varied western landscapes. While...

Silhouette of Winter Sun


Photo by Josh Miller.

If I would I could

Raise a house by hand Start a Garden on the landMake money through charityDo something good for humanityTravel to and froPaint and read and...

Mystic Waters


Photograph by Niobe Burden taken on a cold October evening when the water was just becoming warmer than the air, taken from a point of rocks at the Kings Beach Recreational Launch area on north Lake Tahoe at the magical time of alpenglow.

If I Come To You


A poem by a sophmore at Truckee High School

Theyyam ritual in southern India


Once a year hundreds of villages in southern India put on this ritual performance for the Hindu gods.

Magic at Sand Harbor

The Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor is arguably one of the best things about summer in Tahoe, but as I drove over I realized...

A Spiritual Place, A Creative Space


A friend of mine recently called me a 'creativity junky,' which suggests an addiction to being creative. On the contrary, I believe that using my creativity grants me a reprieve from my addictions, and gives me the opportunity to find innovative and inspirational responses to life. Instead of running from chaos, I use my creativity as a compass to help me navigate its storms. Being creative connects me both to my innate creative power – my Self – and to my higher power, my Creator. For me, creativity is a spiritual practice. It is one of the most important aspects of my existence.

A message from Thich Nhat Hanh


Photo and Poem by Kira Yannetta