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Your art, poetry, short essays, or photos. Submit to editors@moonshineink.com.

A Young Writer with a Vision


Cody Zachariasen is a rising sixth grader at Sierra Expeditionary Learning School who has a passion for words.

Magic at Sand Harbor

The Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor is arguably one of the best things about summer in Tahoe, but as I drove over I realized...

Denise Hart

Denise Hart is an artist who splits her time between Berkeley and Truckee. Painting is the means she uses to convey her strong connection...

Kristen Schwartz


This is your space! Submit a story, poem, photo, illustration, or whatever to creativebrew@moonshineink.com. Submissions are due by the first Wednesday of the month. Provide contact info, brief bio, and a byline so we appropriately credit you for your masterpieces.

Tahoe Canvas | 2017 Visual Winner

A primarily self-taught artist, RENEE KOIJANE has been exploring the use of oils in her art on and off since the late ’90s. She gained some foundational skills through various classes at the San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco State, and Chicago’s Lillstreet Art Center. 



Watercolor by Carla Platt

Fine Art of the Sierra

Abigail Penfold is currently focusing on commissions, murals, oil paintings, and, most recently, pyrography (wood burnings).

The Flats by Night #1


The Flats by Night #1, digital 35mm


Withering on the Vine

Killing It

Setting the Record Straight

When Demand Exceeds Supply