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Your art, poetry, short essays, or photos. Submit to editors@moonshineink.com.

Skiing Juneau, Alaska


Local Truckee resident Jason Mack has one of the best part-time jobs in the world as a Points North heli guide. Enjoy his photos!

Tahoe Canvas | 2016 Visual Winner and Runner-Up

Moonshine Ink’s annual juried visual and written art competition brought in a record breaking 131 submissions. And without further adieu, we are proud to present the winner and runner-up in each category.

Libra Artist

Greg Wohlman, principcal of Sierra High, began painting when living in Las Vegas more then 10 years ago. He believes that all people should be able to own original artwork and enjoys creating paintings for homes and businesses.

Venus by Moon Smiles

She smiles into the phone at his complimentAnd looks up at Venus as it hangs Ever so slightly within the delicate grasp Of the moon as it smiles down on her. She looks like...

The Movement of Water

Sierra Nevada College professor Steve Ellsworth shares his photographs and fascination with Tahoe’s endless beauty.

Serious Play

Sara Smith is a professional muralist and fine artist who has lived in Tahoe for 20 years. Lately, Smith has been working in a style that utilizes the warm sepia tones reminiscent of old photographs or lithography, while many times also incorporating reclaimed materials such as Lake Tahoe pier wood.

Memories in Black + White

Neil Pankler preserves scenes from far-off landscapes and a traveling circus in entrancing black and white photographs

Bear Tracks

Moonshine’s former staff photographer and continued contributor Wade Snider spotted this bulky bruin out for a stroll along Fifth Street in Tahoma on December 8.