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Smile for the Camera, Laugh for the Comedienne

A stand-up comedienne, Ambera’s purpose is easing those who feel anxious in front of a camera into a place of delight by use of laughter.

‘Project Runway:’


Praise and Criticism in the Art World, and Why I Love Tim Gunn 


Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee held its 10th annual CR Johnson Memorial Lion Heart Art Show on Feb. 7. Works created by local artists were featured.

Wildly Goods

Hawk & Field is handmade jewelry and small batch apothecary made with intention, a sweet nod to soul, and a whole lotta love

RYNo Art

Ryan Bahlman (RYNo) began designing art for Volcom clothing in the early 1990s. His talent was quickly recognized and shortly after he was invited to start designing snowboard graphics for Lib Technologies in 2000.

Back Off

Parting Shot

Stephanie Tittle


Water-Based Oil Paint on Canvas

Autumn is Forever


This is your space! Submit a story, poem, photo, illustration, or whatever to creativebrew@moonshineink.com. Submissions are due by the first Wednesday of the month. Provide contact info, brief bio, and a byline so we appropriately credit you for your masterpieces.

Ocean Dweller

By Tracy Anderson This unnamed work by Sparks, Nevada, artist Tracy Anderson is an acrylic pour painting on canvas. With a mix of acrylics, varnish, polyurethane, house paint, and Floetrol latex paint additive, the design...