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Your art, poetry, short essays, or photos. Submit to editors@moonshineink.com.

You’ve Got Snail Mail

Local artist Chelsea Jolly is keeping the art of handmade holiday cards alive.

Mystic Waters


Photograph by Niobe Burden taken on a cold October evening when the water was just becoming warmer than the air, taken from a point of rocks at the Kings Beach Recreational Launch area on north Lake Tahoe at the magical time of alpenglow.

What Could Have Been


Poet Andrew Quadri ponders other fates our beloved lake could have seen.

Joy Bot


Jill Stevenson, art teacher at Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, took students and staff through a Joy Bot creative exploration.

Catherine Schaefer

Born in Paris France and a third generation artist, Catherine Schaefer has lived in Tahoe City for 41 years. She was an art major...

Tahoe Canvas | Moonshine Ink’s 2013 Juried Visual + Literary Competition


The winning entries of Moonshine Ink's annual visual and literary competition, featuring short stories, poems, photographs, and paintings.

‘View from Crystal Bay’


Photography by Alena Weber

Tahoe Burl Theory


Katy and Alison are two friends who create hand-painted signs made from reclaimed wood rounds in the Tahoe Basin.