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Little Bobcat

Parting Shot

The Roll of the Wild Cremello Stallion, Photos by Cynthia Smalley

A battle-scarred wild stallion shows his vulnerable side to a woman he just met.

Carla Platt

Carla Platt was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. to a Dutch-born commercial artist who created landscapes and portraits in oil and pastel. As a young...

From Glass Art to Goats


World traveler Bill Cooper is among the 40 artists opening their studios to the public during July's ARTour

Wood, Burn, and Print

Ben Rodgers was born and raised in Tahoma on Tahoe's West Shore. After moving away for college, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Chico State, he relocated to the Bay Area to find work, but was eventually pulled back to the magical place where he grew up.

Say Yes to Naked Yoga


Jackie McKinney shares a personal story of how yoga in the buff, behind closed doors, has boosted her self-confidence.

Rory Canfield | Tonic Arts


Cosmic inspired art using rich colors and intricate designs.

Flipping Into Spring

Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee held its 10th annual CR Johnson Memorial Lion Heart Art Show on Feb. 7. Works created by local artists were featured.

Dennis Color 1960



Experience the art of Dennis James, who gathers his inspiration from his Husky and the outdoors.


Withering on the Vine

Killing It

Setting the Record Straight

When Demand Exceeds Supply