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"Flight" - Local blacksmith's copper-forged creation soars over North Shore

Steps Away From My Backdoor…

Just steps away from my back door in the Lahontan community of Truckee, I am blessed to be able to gaze over a vast...

Parting Shot…Untouchable

Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee held its 10th annual CR Johnson Memorial Lion Heart Art Show on Feb. 7. Works created by local artists were featured.

The Roll of the Wild Cremello Stallion, Photos by Cynthia Smalley

A battle-scarred wild stallion shows his vulnerable side to a woman he just met.

Tahoe Summer Annual 2012 | A Summer of Diversity

Inspired by the creative variety in our community, Moonshine Ink presents the fourth Tahoe Summer Annual. An intriguing thematic diversity arose among this year’s...

Joy Bot


Jill Stevenson, art teacher at Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, took students and staff through a Joy Bot creative exploration.

Magic at Sand Harbor

The Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor is arguably one of the best things about summer in Tahoe, but as I drove over I realized...

‘Project Runway:’


Praise and Criticism in the Art World, and Why I Love Tim Gunn