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Our Neigh-Bears Are Threatened

Did you know there are bear whisperers among us? Ann Bryant of the BEAR League answers your questions about increased bear-human interaction, and fatalities, injuries, and other consequences for bears.

#TrashTag, You’re It

We asked; now we want you to answer. Last issue we launched our local #TrashTag campaign, to have all of us help solve the litter issue in Tahoe/Truckee. Some local planet heroes have been hard at work to keep our wildlands wild; find out how you can help.

Why Trees at Pioneer Center Roundabout Were Cut; the Lowdown on...


Why were so many trees cut down at the Pioneer Center roundabout; are in-law units, a bona-fide #TahoeHousingCrisis solution, allowed?

Flames, Trains, and a Truckee Intersection

Accountability for recent wildfires, a 2018 Amtrak passenger found unconscious in Truckee, and the problem intersection of Jibboom Street and Keiser Avenue.

The Road Ahead for the Truckee Railyard

With a whole lot of the site to still be constructed at the Truckee Railyard, readers and Ink staff want to know what remains on the table and what has fallen to the cutting room floor.

15 Million Visitors and the Search for Public Beaches

Visitors abound each year in Tahoe, especially in the summer. In this month’s YATA, we asked how many people actually travel our way, and where the public/private property lines on Tahoe’s beaches lie (it’s different for each state).

What the Campfire Ban Means

The threat of wildfire looms large, and in response, regional fire agencies put in place “campfire bans” in recent years. What exactly that means, wherever you may be.

Parched River to Come; Stalled Tahoe City Lodge Comes to Life

As fire bests water across the West, the Truckee River will bear the brunt of the drought this fall. Tahoe City Lodge developer is cautiously optimistic that it will … finally … begin construction.

Truckee River Tampering; Concert Possibilities at Sand Harbor


What kind of concert possibilities are there at Sand Harbor, and what has the SF Fly Casters Club been doing moving rocks around on the Truckee River bed?

A Future for the Railyard? Was this a Miracle March?


With Nugget out of the picture, what is the future of the Railyard Development? And, was this really a Miracle March?