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You Asked. They Answered.

Readers submit questions and we find the right people to answer them. It’s geared toward public agencies, but also swoops in other entities.

A Dried Up Housing/Park Opportunity; Funds are Going Down the Pipeline


What’s up with the old drained ponds east of town and south of the Legacy Trail? And, some clarification on Incline Village’s effluence.

Will Truckee Ban Campfires and Wood Barbecues This Summer; Why Doesn’t...

With such a healthy snowpack this year, why did flows out of Lake Tahoe not increase earlier, and why not let out more to prevent potential flooding? And, why is the fire district is planning a summer ban on outdoor fires?

Tahoe myths: Tessie and the man-eating lake bird, Ong…


The story behind Tahoe Tessie? Actually pretty bland compared to the Washoe myth of the giant, man-eating bird, Ong.

#TrashTag, You’re It

We asked; now we want you to answer. Last issue we launched our local #TrashTag campaign, to have all of us help solve the litter issue in Tahoe/Truckee. Some local planet heroes have been hard at work to keep our wildlands wild; find out how you can help.

Hungry Birds and Ugly Buildings


Is a lit Instagram feed worth feeding the birds? And does the Town have an ordinance to deal with blight?

How Much Snow Your Roof Can Handle; Wage Stagnation; and Why...


You Asked. They Answered. The answers to questions burning in the minds of our readers.

Why Trees at Pioneer Center Roundabout Were Cut; the Lowdown on...


Why were so many trees cut down at the Pioneer Center roundabout; are in-law units, a bona-fide #TahoeHousingCrisis solution, allowed?

How Will We Ensure That Our Ballots Make It If We...

You Asked. They Answered. How will the USPS ensure ballots are counted in a vote-by-mail-heavy election?

Was Last Year’s Historic Open-Fire Ban in Truckee Effective? What’s the...

You Asked. They Answered. Truckee Fire Protection District led the way with a historic open-fire ban last year, with encouraging results. Other districts followed suit. Here’s what’s banned.

Is 5G Safe? How Do ‘They’ Know?

You Asked. They Answered. What’s the real story behind the health risks of 5G? Science doesn’t know much, but here’s one researcher who says he’s connecting the dots.