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You Asked. They Answered.

Readers submit questions and we find the right people to answer them. Send your queries to editors@moonshineink.com.

Pipes on the Shores of Donner; To Rinse or Not to...


Should you rinse that soup can? Depends on who you ask. Also, those pipes on the Donner Lake beach were fish helpers and flood averters.

Social [Media] Butterflies

Creator of the famous California Highway Patrol – Truckee social media channels, Officer Pete Mann shares some of his standout memories over the years … the ones that did and didn’t make it to social media.

Will the USPS Be Defunded By Summer’s End?

You Asked. They Answered. The USPS is hanging by a thread; will it last the summer of solitude?

Do Pollinators Stay in Tahoe/Truckee During the Winter?

It depends on the pollinator in question. Some stay, some go, but oh, how many there are.

Behind Tahoe City’s Neverending Orange Cone Season; Historic Buildings at the...


What to expect from traffic season in Tahoe, and the story behind the building foundations at the Railyard.

Do You Have to Berm Me In?


We’re introducing a new platform for our readers to ask burning questions about how things work in the community, and then we track down the answers with the powers that be.

First question: Could the county/town get plows that don't berm us in?

Is 5G Safe? How Do ‘They’ Know?

You Asked. They Answered. What’s the real story behind the health risks of 5G? Science doesn’t know much, but here’s one researcher who says he’s connecting the dots.

What the Campfire Ban Means

The threat of wildfire looms large, and in response, regional fire agencies put in place “campfire bans” in recent years. What exactly that means, wherever you may be.

Oh Where, oh Where Can Off-Leash Dogs Go? And Why, oh...


Enforcement En Force: Donner doggie central at the east end of the lake is coming to a close due to enforcement; and no, you still can’t park on bone-dry roads.

Why the Long Lines at the Truckee Post Office?

The line at the downtown Truckee post office is out the door regularly. What’s going on? It’s a complex answer.