By STACIE SCHULTZE  |  Moonshine Ink

We are a small community food producer in Truckee and our goal is to contribute to Tahoe’s four-season growing market. At the microgreen stage, each variety has a distinct flavor and texture due to the density of their nutrients.

What’s Ripe Now: The really great thing about microgreens is we have the ability to produce varieties year-round by creating a climate-controlled environment in our greenhouse. Right now at our markets you can find arugula, broccoli, cress, daikon radish, mizuna mustard, red Russian kale, and sweet basil. Come see us at the Foothills Farmers Markets on Tuesdays in Truckee and Thursdays in Tahoe City, and on Sundays at the inaugural Truckee Community Farmers Market located at the Tri Counties Bank Plaza.


What’s Sprouting Next: We are always playing with new varieties of microgreens. Right now, we are working on adding popcorn shoots into our regular lineup. These guys are unreal; they are so sweet, crisp, and refreshing. They are the perfect snack to munch on. As market season comes to a close, we will be ramping up wholesale orders and local delivery options.

Favorite Bloom: Right now we cannot get enough of our sweet basil and arugula mixed with all the sultry August tomatoes.


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