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Wellness & Learning covers all things fitness and wellness in creative and inspiring ways that resonate with people living in a mountain community. This story can stretch beyond sports into the greater outdoor realm.

Love in the Time of the Coronavirus

Lindsay Simon breaks down what to do and not to do as a couple living together in quarantine.

Vitamin D


Practical Wellness
How a little bit of sunshine is good for us all.

The Grand View From Mt. Lola


This is the first in a monthly series highlighting a local trail for hiking, equestrian use, or mountain biking, and for the winter, XC skiing or snowshoeing. The intention is to highlight the trail in its prime season, and to entice you, the reader, to get out on the trail!

Antibiotic Resistance


Since 1943, when pharmaceutical companies began mass-producing antibiotics, our lives have been made immeasurably easier. Thanks to these drugs, we no longer have to worry about dying from pneumonia, succumbing to dangerous staph infections, or wondering if we’ll survive TB. After all, we live in a time when curing an infection is only a prescription away. Right?



Did you know the Sierra Nevada has some of the highest levels of the radioactive gas radon in California and Nevada?

The Speckleman Diaries


A month in the life of Flip.

Ciao Bella


Meet a few great pets up adoption!

Making Great Pets


The girls visit volunteers at the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe.

Getting VO2’d

Some sort of contraption is covering my nose and mouth, and various cords are attached to my body. I start to breath heavily. No, I’m not enduring some form of torture; in fact, it's...

A Wall of White


Avalanche at Alpine Meadows