Diversity. Systems are healthier with it, so are communities. Let’s dive into our local demographics.

Nevada County’s 2021 executive report reveals that out of the 99,814 people in the county, 10% (or about 998 respondents) identify as Hispanic or Latino, while 94% (roughly 93,825 respondents) identify as White (1% each identify as Asian, African American, and American Indian and Alaska Native).

There are similar but slightly higher numbers of Latinx-identifying people on the California side of the North Shore: 14%, or about 54,063 respondents, of Placer County’s population of 386,166 identify as Latinx and 85% or 328,241 identify as White; 13% or about 24,568 respondents of El Dorado County’s population of 188,987 identify as Latinx and 89% or about 168,198 respondents identify as White.


(Asian-identifying respondents comprise 7% of Placer, with that county also made up of 2% African American-identifying respondents and 1% identifying as American Indian and Alaska Native. El Dorado is also 4% Asian-identifying, 1% African American-identifying, and 1% American Indian and Alaska Native-identifying.)

The Census Bureau’s 2012 Survey of Business Owners provides details about race and ethnicity in business ownership by sector, among other demographic metrics. Taking a mere sample of industries and data, we can examine a snapshot of businesses owned by the region’s growing Latinx population in certain sectors.

In Placer County, among the firms in the construction sector there are roughly 626 Latinx-owned businesses (including categories of Mexican American, Mexican, or Latino, Chicano, Cuban, other Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish) and 3,504  total with owners of non-Hispanic origin. 1,296 of Placer County’s
businesses in the arts, entertainment, and recreation responded that their owners are of non-Hispanic origin, while the combined Latinx total is 169.

Overall, Placer County reports 28,107 total non-Hispanic-owned firms in all sectors and 2,097 combined Latinx-owned businesses (this includes 29 total Puerto Rican-owned businesses in addition to the other categories listed prior).

In El Dorado County, in the real estate and rental industry there are 306 combined Latinx-owned companies and 1,523 non-Hispanic-owned companies. In the administrative/support/waste management/remediation services sector, there are 650 combined Latinx-owned businesses and 956 non-Hispanic-owned businesses. And overall in every sector, in El Dorado County there are 2,448 combined Latinx-owned businesses and 15,080 businesses with owners of non-Hispanic descent.

In Nevada County, looking at professional, scientific, and technical services, 1,914 companies are non-Hispanic-owned while the combined Latinx-owned business total is 222. Meanwhile, in healthcare and social services, Nevada County has 848 responding companies with non-Hispanic owners and 74 combined Latinx-owned businesses. The total breakdown of all sectors in Nevada County is 1,094 total combined Latinx-owned businesses to 10,861 non-Hispanic owned businesses.


  • Becca Loux

    Becca Loux relocated to Truckee on a mission to tell stories that are fact-checked and data-driven without sacrificing the human element. She is an avid hiker, biker, skater, surfer, boarder, kayaker, sun-worshiper, and all other important "-ers" relating to the outdoors. Becca's wolfpack recently expanded to include a teenage husky named Koda.

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