It’s a dreamy start to March, with the Virgo full Moon opposing the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces on March 9, after which the waters recede, revealing firmer ground. March 20 marks the seasonal turning when the Sun enters Aries for the vernal equinox. Looking to the ruler of Aries, Mars, we can read into the subtext of the spring season. On the equinox, Mars is engaged in one of the celestial highlights of March — its conjunction with Jupiter. Mars is the planet of drive, desire, and action. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, optimism, and expansion. When these energies are in partnership, our confidence is buoyed, adding a dash of the debonair to our determination. However, as the planet of competition and conflict, Mars is not always a team player. Astride the expansive Jupiter, what otherwise might be a minor tiff can inflate into a brutal battle. Meanwhile, Saturn enters Aquarius, a welcome relief from the dense Capricorn energy. A week later, March 28 provides a gentler influence. Venus trines Jupiter, an auspicious aspect between the planets of wealth, love, and fortune. Jupiter will then be one degree shy of his conjunction with Pluto which suggests transformation, but we may have to face destruction before the rebirth. The faster moving Mars then forms a conjunction with Saturn on March 31, putting a check on rash action. It is tenacity that will be rewarded.


Since their last appearance together in the evening sky, Jupiter has been drawing closer to Saturn. The two are now visible in the morning sky prior to sunrise, along with Mercury and Mars. Mercury appears low on the horizon, generally out of sight for us here in the mountains. However, in mid-March, the Moon graces this alignment of planets. On March 18, the waning crescent Moon can be found alongside the duo of Mars and Jupiter, which are neighbors for the majority of the month and on March 20 create an exact conjunction. The following morning, the Moon passed near the dimmer Saturn. The Moon continues to wane throughout, with the remaining sliver rising just before Mercury on the morning of March 21. The Moon disappears over the next few days, enveloped by the light of the Sun as they meet for the new Moon. When the Moon reemerges in the evening sky as a waxing crescent, it approaches Venus, forming a conjunction with the bright planet on the evening of March 27 to 28.

~Dawn Andreoni is yoga teacher and astrologer living on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. You can find more about her offerings at or follow her at 



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