It’s not the most flattering welcome for those driving from Nevada into California via Highway 28. Entry to Kings Beach means almost immediately laying eyes on the once-upon-a-time Tahoe Inn, a motel that closed down in 2015. Wood has been nailed over windows and doors, the pool sits empty — of people and water. Property owner JMA Ventures applied to demolish the structure seven years ago, but never paid the fee to move demolition forward.

Placer County doesn’t have a specific blight policy, though Public Information Officer Chris Gray-Garcia shared that county staff does work with property owners to rectify any condition that is dangerous or found to be unsafe to the public. No code compliance action has been taken on the Tahoe Inn property since its closure.

In November 2020, Placer County received a predevelopment application for the former Tahoe Inn spot that proposed workforce housing. No formal application has yet been submitted. Art Chapman, founder and chairman of JMA Ventures, shared with Moonshine Ink the company’s next steps with the parcel.


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BARRED: The Tahoe Inn in Kings Beach has been shut down since 2015. Only in November 2020 did the owner of the property, JMA Ventures, submit a preliminary application to construct 100 workforce housing units on the site. Photos by Wade Snider/Moonshine Ink

What is the status of the old Tahoe Inn at 9937 North Lake Blvd. in Kings Beach?

Approximately seven to eight years ago, [JMA Ventures was] hopeful of proceeding with the Homewood [Mountain Resort] project. Our project approvals required the demolition of the Tahoe Inn when we proceeded with the Homewood project. We found that the capital markets were still recovering from the Great Recession and that our plans would be further delayed. We did proceed to rehabilitate a number of the units at the inn, which have been used for workforce housing over the past few years. Our proposal to construct approximately 100 new workforce housing units at the site, if approved by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and [Placer] County will result in the demolition of the older structures.

~ Art Chapman, founder and chairman with JMA Ventures


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