Moonshine Ink spoke with Truckee Post Office staff in person about recent queries about missing and late packages, and those delivered on weekends. We found out that only Amazon packages can be delivered on weekend days, and that local USPS branches cannot make direct comments to the press. Regional representative Carl Fondelheit IV, based in Phoenix, Arizona, gave us the scoop.

We conducted a nationwide search last year for a postmaster and are happy to announce Daniel Saville took the position in December 2019. (The previous postmaster took a job in another state.)

Photos by Wade Snider/Moonshine Ink

The Truckee Post Office continues to be challenged with staffing issues, along with many other local businesses. We deliver every day, but with fewer people on our rolls, some customers might get their mail later in the day. Shorter days, winter weather, and a record number of parcels all are challenges that our employees are working hard to overcome.


We are hiring! We just erected two billboards on I-80 toward Truckee. If you are interested in joining the amazing team in Truckee, go to

Why doesn’t the Truckee USPS delivery car fleet use four-wheel drive in the mountains? Our postal vehicles have Puzzle WEIGHTS in the back that weigh down the vehicles and we also use chains. The Truckee Post Office delivers all mail as long as the weather conditions are safe for the employees and the roads are passable. Customers can help us by clearing the access to their mailboxes, allowing for a safe and clear delivery.

~ Carl Fondelheit IV, USPS cooperate communications


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