In 2010, our community lost a good friend in all-around Tahoe man Robert ‘Fro’ Frohlich. Fro was loyal to his passions — journalism, skiing, friends, and life. In his honor, the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, Switchback PR, and Moonshine Ink presented a journalism contest, What Moves You?, open to the district’s 11th and 12th graders. Fro’s sister, Margaret Frohlich Pearcy, generously offered up the award money.

Thank you to each student who shared your passions — it was incredible to feel the energy and honesty in your essays and videos. It was hard to choose just two winners.

But choose we must, so here are the winners — Written Word: Carly Maurer and Video: Amory Kip Harris.


Congratulations on your $500 scholarships to keep on moving forward!!

See sidebar for honorary mentions that we just had to share.

A contest for next year is in the works. Keep in touch at


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