In last edition’s article Trash Talk, we learned that much of the effort to solve the local litter issue has been and must continue to be from a grassroots level. Can we all band together to stop trash from polluting our precious lakes, rivers, forests, and meadows?

STRONG AND DETERMINED Katie Kendrick, 7 years old, lugged a tire she found in Prosser all the way home to properly dispose of it. Now that’s what we call a power #TrashTag move! Photo by Anna LaFrom

Let’s show off our stewardship of this planet and join the global #TrashTag movement. You have a month to find a spot — in the woods, along a beach, on top of a mountain — that needs some TLC. Snap a photo of this littered area, get to work packing out the trash that’s there (music and friends makes this a good day’s adventure), and photograph the pristine way you’re leaving the spot. Then, upload your pic to your favorite social media platform, include the #TrashTag and tag @moonshineink, and voilà! Besides a feeling of a job well done, you’ll be entered into a raffle with prizes including a Homewood lift ticket and a Moonshine Ink sweatshirt. And we’ll feature the best #TrashTag photos in a future print edition!

Win a Moonshine Ink sweatshirt or a Homewood lift ticket!


Main Image Caption: DUMPSTER DIVE: All this trash, part of a whopping 311 pounds total, was pulled out of Lake Tahoe in one day by nonprofit Clean Up the Lake in a scuba sweep on Sept. 21. Photo by Colin West



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