THINK LOCAL highlights the importance and impact of being a localist, and not just when it comes to shopping — it’s about services, restaurants, medical care, nonprofits, businesses, and even media.

THINK LOCAL is a signature on a statement saying we believe in Tahoe/Truckee and want to see a thriving community we all love.

Local Lifts

One of the best ways to employ a community frame of mind in your daily life is to use public transit. Taking buses and trains cuts down on carbon emissions, supports a local industry and labor force, and allows you to meet your neighbors. Did you know that Tahoe/Truckee’s TART transit system provides a DIAL-A-RIDE SHUTTLE SERVICE, free or discounted for elderly people or people with disabilities? For the general public, it’s just $6 and you can order a day in advance to have it take you anywhere in Truckee and western Placer County.


Next step is to plan for a destination that is locally owned and operated. Many businesses in the Tahoe/Truckee area show their local love by giving away free stuff, going above and beyond simple schwag. In fact, on Sept. 28, two local dentistry practices — SIERRA CREST DENTAL and TAHOE ORAL SURGERY AND IMPLANT CENTER — gave fillings, extractions, and cleanings all day for free on a first-come, first-served basis. This is their eighth year running, and they served 72 patients with 74 procedures for what would be a total cost of $25,725 on any other day. They call the event DENTISTRY FROM THE HEART. No kidding!

So you can get around and get your teeth cleaned. What more do you need to create your personal locally based routine? Eat locally sourced food. Local farmer Gary Romano of SIERRA VALLEY FARMS is the only farm in California with an on-site farmers market. And why not order a High Sierra CSA to be delivered right to your door? If you are what you eat, don’t you want to be these mountains?

KNITTERS UNITE: Local yarn enthusiasts gather with their fiber swag in the first ever Sierra Nevada Yarn Crawl. Courtesy photo

And in quirky crafting news for the region, the area’s first annual SIERRA NEVADA YARN CRAWL took fiber enthusiasts on a tour through 11 yarn shops including ATELIER of Truckee, AUBURN NEEDLEWORKS, NORTH TAHOE KNITS & VARIETY in Incline Village, and YARN REFUGE in Reno. The event was a stitching success, and you can still find information on all your yarn necessities and all participating shops on their website at

Lastly, to be a true part of the local ecosystem, you need the resources to plan your own events. For all you Tahoe/Truckee events planners wanting to use your talents to do good in this world and this local region, remember that the Truckee Chamber is accepting applications through Nov. 1 in the third annual TRUCKEE CORE VALUES FUND drive for grants from the town that encourage healthy lifestyle, family friendliness, natural beauty, community-mindedness, arts, culture, and history.

Tahoe Forest Health System has upped the ante in women’s and children’s health and overall wellbeing. The hospital district credits support from other community entities and members as a key to moving these initiatives forward. Above stats are from their yet unreleased annual report for 2018.

$246,092 funds raised for locals in need

Top 17% of 2,815 U.S. hospitals that offer obstetrics, Tahoe Forest Hospital sits near the top.

933 hours of therapy offered by TFHS and the Mountain Gateway Center as part of their Youth Therapeutic Mentoring Program.

92% of local kindergartners were vaccinated last year.

(Through GoFundMe campaigns, as of press time.)


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