Cindy Gustafson, general manager for the Tahoe City Public Utility District, has announced her retirement after 26 years of service to the district. On August 2, Gustafson will assume a new position as CEO of the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association.

“I’ve been at the district 26 years and there’s never an end in sight to all the things I would still like to do here, but it’s also a good time based on my longevity, my age, and my staff to make a change,” Gustafson said.


Gustafson began working for TCPUD in 1991 as the director of Resource Development and Community Relations, and worked through the ranks to become general manager in 2008.

In that role, Gustafson overhauled the utility rate structure to ensure water and sewer services were self-supporting and could provide for needed infrastructure improvements. She implemented an annual strategic planning process to better guide district planning, and facilitated the development of numerous local amenities— sidewalks in Tahoe City, the Lakeside and Homewood Bike Trails, and the Commons Beach Renovation. She hopes to continue helping the Tahoe community improve in her new role as NLTRA CEO.

“Often I’m categorized as just representing Tahoe City and the West Shore, but I believe so strongly in our entire region, and so being in a position that would allow me to work for the entire region and hopefully accomplish similar goals for the region would be wonderful and really rewarding,” Gustafson said.

At NLTRA, Gustafson would like to focus on hot-button local issues like affordable housing and transportation. She also hopes to strengthen opportunities for reinvestment in Tahoe’s commercial areas.

Gustafson said she is most proud of the TCPUD team of professionals she will leave behind.

“They don’t get a lot of gratitude from the public, but they do so much behind the scenes,” she said. “I was so fortunate to be hired on, and they took a risk on me 26 years ago. I never dreamt I’d be at this level in the organization. I just wanted to do my best for the community and I got 26 years of being able to do that.”

Gustafson steps down from her position at TCPUD on August 1.


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