McClintock Pulls Out of Tahoe Debate with Jessica Morse

Both the Morse and McClintock campaigns for California’s 4th Congressional District accepted a debate invitation by the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and the Sierra Business Council earlier this month, according to Steve Frisch, president of the SBC. At the time of this writing, however, Frisch told Moonshine Ink that the McClintock campaign has now pulled out of the debate as of Sept. 10. Although Frisch had notified the McClintock campaign that he was a personal supporter of Jessica Morse in their first interactions, and worked with both teams to craft an unbiased and informative debate structure, McClintock’s team cited his support as a reason to discontinue plans for the debate. The McClintock campaign has not responded to a request for comment.

Put Your Campaign Where Your Mouth Is

Seats on the local special district boards open up on revolving schedules every two to four years, to give an opportunity for fresh perspectives and enhance the democratic process. Last month we brought you the candidates who had filed for these local offices to date (see Tackling Housing Crisis via Propositions, Who’s Filed for Local Seats), and now with the filing deadline in the rearview mirror, we look now at the races that failed to make it to the November ballot. The following are uncontested seats due to a lack of qualified challengers for the current incumbents. We include the requirements and benefits.

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District: TA 1, TA 4, and TA 5


• Application Requirements: Must live within district boundaries and within the trustee area. Current open seats are Area 1, Area 4, and Area 5.

• Benefits: Board members and their families are eligible for fully paid health insurance. Includes medical, dental, and vision with a life insurance policy.

• Compensation: Unpaid. Usual mileage reimbursement and expense reimbursement as per board policy

Northstar Community Services District and Northstar Community Services District: Short-Term Seat

• Application requirements: Must reside and be a registered voter in the Northstar district boundaries.

• Benefits: Healthcare reimbursed for up to $1,470 per month.

• Compensation: $100 per day of service.

North Tahoe Fire Protection District Division 4

• Application requirements: Must be a registered voter and reside within the geographical area of the seat.

• Benefits: Paid health insurance

• Compensation: $20 per meeting

Truckee Fire Protection District & Truckee Fire Protection District Short-Term Seat

• Application requirements: Must reside within the Truckee Fire Protection District boundaries.

• Benefits: Life and AD&D Insurance – $10,000.00; CSFA Membership

• Compensation: $100 per meeting with a maximum of four meetings per month. (TFPD does not pay into Social Security).

Tahoe Forest Hospital District

• Application requirements: Resident and registered voter in the TFHD boundaries

• Benefits: Medical, dental, and vision insurance

• Compensation: $100 per meeting, up to $500 per month

Donner Summit Public Utility District

• Application requirements: Must reside and be a registered voter within the Donner Summit PUD boundaries.

• Benefits: Monthly allowance equivalent to the premium paid by the district to its employees for their healthcare plan corresponding to each director’s age. This benefit is for individual directors and does not include spouses or dependents.

• Compensation: President — $300 per regular board meeting. Vice president — $275 per regular board meeting. Directors — $250 per regular board meeting. $125 for special meetings. $4,800 maximum annually.

In the Interest of Being Thorough

Filing for local elections has officially closed since we last published, and with it came a few last minute entries. To complete the picture on your November ballot, here are all the applicants who filed after our August press deadline, as well as one local southerly race we missed (We’ve got you, El Dorado!).

Truckee-Donner Recreation and Park District — Long-term (4-year) board member Jason Hansford has filed for reelection, but only for a short-term seat. Dan Kates and John Mon Père have also filed for the short-term seat; although this leaves an uncontested vacancy for the long-term position.

Truckee Donner Public Utility District — Ali “Kaveh” Mansoor, Christa Finn, Tony Laliotis, Paul Warmerdam

Truckee Sanitary District — Nelson Van Gundy, Kurt R. Smart, Jerry Gilmore, Ron Sweet

Truckee Tahoe Airport District — Mary Hetherington, Peter Foss Van Peborgh, John Jones, Jim Morrison, Joe Lorenz

North Tahoe Fire Protection District — Heidi K. Doyle, Nathan Chorey, Steven Hook, Danielle Hughes

North Tahoe Public Utility District — Sue Daniels, Pippin Mader, Alex Mourelatos, S. Lane Lewis

Tahoe City Public Utility District — Gail Scoville, Daniel Wilkins, John Pang

Meeks Bay Fire Protection District — Incumbent Stephen W. Hyde is the only candidate to file thus far.


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