Five months after KSL unveiled a model of its proposed Squaw village expansion project at Base Camp in the Village at Squaw Valley, a new and larger model arrived this week. The new model shows all 8,000 acres under KSL ownership, including both the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski areas, in addition to the planned development’s 101 acres primarily based in the existing parking lot. The old model, by contrast, only showed the west end of the valley.
“The purpose of the old model was to show how the new village exists with the existing village,” said Chevis Hosea, vice president of Squaw Valley Real Estate LLC. “The purpose of the new model is to show the orientation of the new village with the entire skiable terrain of Squaw and Alpine.”
To make room for the new model, a wall was taken down to an adjacent space and Base Camp was expanded. Both models are on display.
“We use the two models in conjunction with each other as information tools,” said David Griffith, Base Camp host. “We are using them to show large scale versus small scale.”
In the old model, one inch equals 30 feet. The new model has a scale of 130 feet and includes a red outline that lights up to show the borders of the 30-scale model.
The new model, constructed by Model Tech, the same company that built the first one, took around four months to build.
The 101-acre proposed development includes up to 1,093 fractional ownership units such as hotels, condos, and residential properties, as well as 19,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space and the 132,000-square foot Grand Camp, which could include an aquatic center.