Editor’s Note: Update Feb. 8: The online version of this article has been updated to reflect the correct name of the Olympic Valley Public Service District, and Meeks Bay Fire District has been added to the list. 

In the Tahoe/Truckee government ecosystem, where myriad small, niche local agencies provide the vertebrae for an intricate backbone of leadership, “central” isn’t really applicable. Copious elected boards are collectively our public servants. But they receive in turn for serving, usually in the form of compensation and benefits, with a range of exceptions and variations.

Some of the region’s board positions merely require candidates to live within their district boundaries, while the Town of Truckee requires a “nomination” process with at least 20 signatures. Size of stipends and lists of benefits run the gamut: Direct monetary compensation ranges from Tahoe Truckee Unified School District’s unpaid board positions to IVGID trustees’ $9,000 a year salary. Some positions provide full medical insurance, including for family, while others don’t but provide regional perks like free golf or downhill snow sports.


This chart displays each district’s prerequisites for entry, benefits and compensation, as well as average number of annual meetings and their length each to give a sense of time commitment.

Donner Summit Public Utility DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtMonthly allowance equivalent to the healthcare plan premium for district employees, depending on age of directorPer regular board meeting, president: $300, vice president: $275, directors: $250; $125 for special meetings; up to $4,800 a year12-18
at 2-3 hours
Incline Village General Improvement DistrictLive and be registered to vote in district; $30 filing feeOne free visit to each IVGID venue per week for business purposes; 10% discount on food and beverages, 20% discount on merchandise (same as residents); business lunch expenses compensated.


Same health insurance plans as employees available, but at full cost

Trustees receive compensation “if the budget is adequate and a majority of the members … vote in favor” of it. In April 2006, the board voted unanimously to increase the yearly compensation to $9,000 per year24
at 1-5 hours
Meeks Bay Fire Protection DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtAfter one full term (4 years), two thirds of their health insurance medical dental vision$120 per meeting12 at 1 to 2 hours
North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtPublic Employees Retirement System (29.25% of gross salary)$300 per month


12 at 1-2 hours
North Tahoe Fire Protection DistrictLive and be registered to vote within the geographical area of the seat one is running forPaid health insurance$20 per meeting12
at 2 hours
North Tahoe Public Utility DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtPayment of medical/dental premiums, same as employees (plus family)$400 per month20
at 4 hours
Northstar Community Services DistrictBe registered to vote in district


Elective reimbursement of health, welfare benefits up to the amount paid for the equivalent, non-safety employees’ packages$100 per meeting12
at 2-4 hours
Olympic Valley Public Service DistrictBe registered to vote in districtUp to $6,000 per year reimbursement for eligible medical expenses for directors/family$600 per month15
at 4 hours (board);
at 1 hour (committee)
Sierra Joint Community College DistrictLive in district; trustee area; candidates must file in Placer, Nevada, Sacramento, and El Dorado countiesEntitled to same level of pre-tax benefits as district employees through what’s called a cafeteria plan


$441 maximum monthly stipend, paid only if meetings are attended, prorated by number of meetings13
at 3 hours
Tahoe City Public Utility DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtFully paid health insurance (plus family)$400 per month; business/travel expenses reimbursed24
at 4 hours
Tahoe Truckee Unified School DistrictLive and be registered to vote in district; trustee areaPaid health insurance incl. medical, dental, vision, and life (plus family)Unpaid; mileage/expense reimbursement30
at 2-3 hours
Tahoe Forest Hospital DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtMedical, dental, and vision insurance$100 per meeting up to $500 per month24
at 1.5 hours (committee), 3.5 hours (board)
The Town of TruckeeLive and be registered to vote in the Town of Truckee. Nomination with at least 20 signatures.None$645 per month, regardless of number of meetings36
at 3 hours
Truckee Donner Public Utility DistrictPermanent residency in Nevada or Placer CountyMedical, dental, vision, prescription insurance (plus family)$400 per month, regardless of number of meetings15
at 1-3 hours
Truckee-Donner Recreation and Park DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtUse of district facilities, 20% off contract classes and district programs, quarterly pool pass, West End Beach pass, use of rental tables and chairs (plus family)$100 per meeting12-18
at 2-3 hours
Truckee Fire Protection DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtLife and AD&D insurance ($10,000); CSFA Membership$100 per meeting up to 4 per month12
at 2 hours
Truckee Sanitary DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtHealth Insurance coverage; mileage reimbursement at IRS rate per mile; retirement program included$265 per day of service12-24
at 2-3 hours
Truckee Tahoe Airport DistrictLive and be registered to vote in districtReimbursed medical insurance, not to exceed what is provided for district employee premiums$100 per meeting up to 4 per month; mileage reimbursement10
at 2-3 hours


DON’T GET BOARD: The board directors of the Truckee Donner Public Utility District’s meetings, along with most other local special district board meetings during pandemic time, have been held virtually. Courtesy photo


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