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Moonshine Ink’s News section covers the community. This past year, our team has provided in-depth and critical coverage during the Covid-19 pandemic, and our community has come to rely on our role as watchdog for local government and as a source of information on community activity. We also have two ongoing investigations, into all things wildfire and the region’s housing crisis.

Visit our Tahoe/Truckee coronavirus central hub and our live regional updates for the latest coverage and community response to Covid, and read Dead Man Walking (a harrowing local resident’s ongoing struggle with serious effects of Covid-19) which has become our site’s most-read story of all time.

An Initiative That Could Ease the Suffering Of Billions


A look at Prop 2 on the November ballot

Free Speech: The Freedom to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Our publisher ruminates on excessive campaign spending



Bigger than the GDP

Saving Money by Spending Money


Utility district approves aggressive conservation program

Shorezone decision postponed again

This issue is so hot that no governing board has wanted to touch it for decades, said Jeff Cowen, community liaison for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA). Just announced is that the issue...

Be Prepared: Flood Potential This Week


The community is coming up for air after weeks of being pummeled by colossal snowstorms. While there is relief in snow, local agencies are warning that vigilance is still needed as Old Man Weather does an incredible about-face,with potential for flooding.

When Help is Welcome


Promoting Change the Promotora Way

A Three-way Face-off


June 3 Election: Three candidates face off June 3 for the Placer County 5th District Supervisor seat. Get acquainted with the issues and the candidates.

The Ruckus Over the Heli


A British defense technology company, QuinetiQ, recently asked the board of the Truckee Tahoe Airport District (TTAD) for permission to flight test new rotor blades for the Royal Navy Sea King helicopters. The tests would have included approximately 70 hours of flying over a three-month period, seven days a week. The company was looking for high-altitude airports with predictably calm morning winds and the Truckee Tahoe airport was at the top of the list.

All Inclusive


Tahoe Women’s Services announced this week that it has officially changed its name to Tahoe SAFE Alliance so that everyone, including boys, men, and teens, feel safe to come to the agency for help.