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Moonshine Ink’s News section covers the community. This past year, our team has provided in-depth and critical coverage during the Covid-19 pandemic, and our community has come to rely on our role as watchdog for local government and as a source of information on community activity. We also have two ongoing investigations, into all things wildfire and the region’s housing crisis.

Visit our Tahoe/Truckee coronavirus central hub and our live regional updates for the latest coverage and community response to Covid, and read Dead Man Walking (a harrowing local resident’s ongoing struggle with serious effects of Covid-19) which has become our site’s most-read story of all time.

Moving Forward

Jan Colyer loves taking the bus. 'I grew up in Great Falls, Montana, which is a small town,' she said. 'The bus driver knew me as the little girl who took the bus to...

On the Spot Announcements, Aug 9 – Sept 12


Have a Green Building to showcase or blood to give?

Your Chance to Shine


Explaining Moonshine Ink’s special editions

Going Deep into Government Corruption


National bestselling author and former ‘Economic Hit Man’ John Perkins comes to Tahoe

Campaigns Encourage Thinking and Buying Local


The Sierra Business Council (SBC) just wrapped up the Think Local First Festival, a week-long event to encourage people to ‘think local first’ when shopping and to celebrate the positive and unique aspects of our community.



If necessity is the mother of all invention, then creativity must be the father

Treasure Our Treasure

As Clinton exited the stage, the 2,000-plus attendees crowded closely around him. People greeted him like a rock star, although he said he was the only one on the stage who 'can’t do anything...

All is Not Lost

This past month gave rise to a heavy heart. Chris Ayres, the wife of Moonshine Ink columnist Robert Ayres, passed away in late August. A dear friend of mine, Suki Morgan, left this world...

Park City looks from the outside in

A delegation of approximately 60 city officials, business leaders, and media from Park City, Utah, came to the Reno-Lake Tahoe region in early September 2006. The delegation every fall goes to a different resort...