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For Education Matters, Safety and Health of Schools Now the Matter


Do Tahoe Truckee students feel safe as they walk into their schools? Do they spend each school day in a healthful environment? If not, what can we do about it? The Education Matters program has been striving to answer those questions.

Uproar over Hindu Prayer in U.S. Senate


On August 2, religious and community leaders gathered to honor Rajan Zed, a Reno resident who delivered the first Hindu prayer in the U.S. Senate.

What’s Next for Angora?


Forest Service looks at salvage logging, selling the burnt trees of the blackened forest.

Reading Between the Lines


Nevada County Libraries in Crisis

Real Estate by the Numbers


Though 2009 is over, the hangover effects from the worst recession since the Great Depression are still with us.

These Economic Times Make One Thing Perfectly Clear: The American Dream...


Moonshine Ink looks at the big economic picture, and then focuses locally to see how we’re faring in Truckee Tahoe.

Does Your Ski Resort Get a Passing Grade?


Each year in mid-December as we tune up our ski gear and eagerly await the first big storms, the Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition (SACC), based in Durango, Colorado, releases its annual Ski Area Environmental Scorecard.

Sticks and Stones or Straight-up Misogyny?


Why are we still entertaining portrayals of female candidates as whores and witches?

Special Districts Updates


(15 July to 11 August)

Moonshine Election Coverage Kicks Off!

Winston Churchill once said that 'the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.' At Moonshine Ink, we want to...