The Moonshine Ink office sits along the shores of the Truckee River on the quaint one-way street of Riverside Drive. This alley-like street, home to a mix of businesses and private houses, happens to be part of this year’s Truckee Historical Haunted Tour. Five businesses located on or near Riverside Drive just across the tracks from downtown Truckee are participating in this popular annual tour.

“I just thought it would be fun to go across the tracks,” said Truckee Historical Haunted Tour Producer Maria Jones, noting that in the six years the tour has been operating it has never been fully on the south side of the tracks. “We’re making it new and different.”

Shadows Across the Tracks will feature stops at the Truckee Hotel, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, Art Obsessions, the Tonini House, and Moonshine Ink. These historic buildings, which are all reportedly haunted, are ripe for spooky scenes to be reenacted in them. The tour plays off of the ghosts that already reside in the host site or in Truckee.


“We try to be as historically accurate as possible,” said Karin Carrasco, who wrote the script for four of the five sites this year. “Sometimes we tweak it a bit for entertainment purposes.”

Carrasco, who was also Moonshine Ink’s office manager from Oct. 2012 until this May, said she attended two paranormal investigations in 2013 at the newspaper office, and discovered there were a number of spirits residing in the house, which was built in 1930. One of the spirits included a man who the medium described as a reporter or editor who liked the office because it was very productive. Jacob Teeter, Truckee’s first constable who was killed in a gunfight in 1891 in downtown and who once lived on the street, stopped by, and he purportedly still roams downtown Truckee and Riverside Drive to this day.

“All the mediums in Truckee say Riverside is a very active street,” Carassco said. “Spirits are very attracted to running water, so that could be why.”

Drew Taylor, who owns Dark Horse Coffee Roasters with his wife Cassidy, said they also had a medium do a spirit reading after they opened in Aug. 2014, and that building is also very active with spirits. Taylor said sometimes the ghosts will ring up customers on the iPad when no one is behind the counter. He is excited to be a part of the tour this year.

“This building is really old and the fact that they do a haunted historical tour is awesome,” Taylor said. “There’s a lot of history here and we wanted to have fun with it.”

Mayumi Elegado, Moonshine Ink’s publisher, echoed Taylor’s sentiments. The monthly newspaper has been housed on Riverside Drive since 2010, and she chose the building as the newspaper’s office because of the character of the house and the location on the river. While Elegado is unsure if the building is actually haunted, she believes the tour is an important part of Truckee and is happy to be a part of it.

“I believe in the event — the cultural and historical aspects to the tour are a great asset to downtown,” Elegado said. “I think it is really critical to keep ties to our past, and the tour does great work to that end.”

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