Following the Raley’s approval at Soaring Way in January, the Grocery Outlet development is up to bat in the next Town of Truckee Planning Commission meeting, to be held at 6 p.m. on Feb. 20. The planning commission’s decision is a continuation of a Nov. 21 meeting, and will consider a number of modifications the developer has implemented to the plan since then. Currently the Town staff recommendation is to approve the development permit, planned development, and sign plan for the project.


Sacramento-based Capitol Avenue Development held a neighborhood meeting on Jan. 18 to hear public concerns and requests about the proposed development, intended to be built adjacent to the Gateway Park Subdivision on Donner Pass Road in Truckee. Following the meeting, they made a series of changes to the plan including an increase of 10 on-site parking spaces, and a second exiting turn lane within the Donner Pass Road driveway to address community traffic concerns. They also proposed additional conditions of approval to help with neighborhood compatibility and concerns identified by the residents:

● Residential units (two currently proposed) are to be offered to Grocery Outlet employees first.
● No regularly scheduled deliveries more than one hour before opening and no scheduled deliveries after business hours.
● Placement of electronic wheel lock controls on all shopping carts so that carts lock up if taken beyond the property line.
● Add “neighborhood friendly” signage on-site, discouraging use of Vista Avenue. Sign language has not been finalized.
● Incorporate bench seating for the transit stop that utilizes the building to shield transit users from the wind.
● Require a tenant employee to survey the neighborhood once a week to return any shopping carts.
● Provide the neighborhood residents with the tenant store manager’s contact information so that the neighborhood could identify any concerns or issues with the tenant directly.

With the recent modifications, the plan currently calls for a 17,568 sq. ft. grocery store with two residential units, and is actually the smallest of three separate grocery store proposals all currently working through the Town’s planning process. For more information on the project’s background, as well as the two other competing projects, see our December article Store Wars.

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