The national political stage has been at the forefront of our minds as of late, but here at Moonshine Ink we cannot overstate the importance of our local politics. There are 38 open seats on the Truckee Town Council and regional special district boards this year, ready to be filled by men and women who will be deciding the future use of your tax dollars and trajectory of the region. We gave every candidate the opportunity to hop on camera with us and use a roughly 30-second video clip to deliver their platform and message to the voters. Below are the seven candidates running for Truckee Town Council; three seats are available. Click on the videos to hear the candidates’ messages.

Anna Klovstad

“Right now we need affordable housing for our locals, we need strong transportation solutions, we need to support our strong local economy, and we need to do all of this while protecting our environment and heritage.”

Carmen Carr

“Over the last 32 years I’ve lived here, I’ve seen the town evolve. I am passionate about being part of the solution of our town regarding housing, renewable energy, and alternative transportation.”

Chelsea Walterscheid

I bring years of civic experience together with a strong community perspective to make informed decisions about Truckee. Issues we should be looking at right now include affordability, healthy economic development, and a strong community.”

David Polivy

“As a planning commissioner and business owner I’ve advocated for stronger housing policies, supported sensible development, and built community partnerships. My passion for the outdoors reflects Truckee’s core values and vision. Planning for climate change and wildfire disaster is another of my top priorities.”

Morgan Goodwin — Incumbent

“Let’s strengthen and diversify our middle class; let’s regulate the worst impact from short-term rentals; and let’s protect Truckee’s dark skies. I love this town, I’m clear on what I stand for, and I’m asking for your vote.”

Richard Ludke

“I will be an advocate for workforce housing, reliable and efficient transportation, and accomodated parking. We have some of the cleanest air and water, for which must not change as we attain sustainable, smart growth.”

Suzie Tarnay

“I would like to increase local engagement in upcoming issues and decisions so that all sectors of our community are represented in our public format. Secondly, I would like to ensure that these community desires are balanced not only with our economic development, but also with our environmental goals.”