The national political stage has been at the forefront of our minds as of late, but here at Moonshine Ink we cannot overstate the importance of our local politics. There are 38 open seats on the Truckee Town Council and regional special district boards this year, ready to be filled by men and women who will be deciding the future use of your tax dollars and trajectory of the region. We gave every candidate the opportunity to hop on camera with us and use a roughly 30-second video clip to deliver their platform and message to the voters. Below are the four candidates running for Truckee Donner Public Utility District; two seats are available. Click on the videos to hear the candidates’ messages.

Christa Finn

“I’m creative, collaborative, and proactive, so let’s find solutions. What’s our potential for biomass, for geothermal, more efficiencies in our power grid, more sun and wind? Together we can solve this puzzle.”

Kaveh Mansoor

“I’m running for the TDPUD because it’s more than electricity and water. It’s about navigating the rapidly evolving utility sector while providing maximum efficiency and cost, and most importantly ensuring our community’s interests are the sole factor when serving on our board.”

Paul Warmerdam — Incumbent

“My accomplishments include creating a balanced budget with no new debt and the refinancing of existing debt to reduce costs to the district, deliver stable water rates at or below the annual inflation rate, achieve 68 percent of the district’s energy water purchases from renewable sources, and increase the public’s awareness and commitment to conservation.”

Tony Laliotis — Incumbent

“During my tenure on the board we have increased our renewable portfolio standard to over 61 percent, secured nearly $5 million in cap and trade revenue, reduced our greenhouse gas footprint by 65 percent, maintained stable electric rates, and reduced water production by 34 percent.”