The national political stage has been at the forefront of our minds as of late, but here at Moonshine Ink we cannot overstate the importance of our local politics. There are 38 open seats on the Truckee Town Council and regional special district boards this year, ready to be filled by men and women who will be deciding the future use of your tax dollars and trajectory of the region. We gave every candidate the opportunity to hop on camera with us and use a roughly 30-second video clip to deliver their platform and message to the voters. Below are three of the four candidates running for Incline Village General Improvement District; two seats are available. Click on the videos to hear the candidates’ messages.

Bruce Simonian

“I’m excited to be working again with the board, having previously served from 2010 to 2014. Current projects include the Diamond Peak Master Plan, the Community Services Master Plan, and the Effluent Pipeline going down highway 28.”

Sara Schmitz

“My goals are to deliver on the priorities of our residents, putting our community first, implementing fiscal responsibility and accountability, and to instill an environment of openness and transparency in our local government.”

Tim Callicrate — Incumbent

“It’s time that we, the citizens, take back our board, redirect the district and focus in on what it is the citizenry and the tax paying electorate wants for Incline Village and Crystal Bay.”

Chose not to participate: Kendra Wong — Incumbent