Updated Nov. 10: Semi-final results are in.

ELECTED: Alyce Wong (4863 votes)
ELECTED: Randy Hill (2887 votes)
John Mohun (1722 votes)

Big advocates of citizens expressing their right to vote, Moonshine Ink chose to bring the local elections of 2016 to our readers in new media fashion. We filmed 60-second spots from every candidate in a contested Tahoe/Truckee race, with the exception of those candidates who chose not to participate. Candidates were allowed to use the 60 seconds however they chose — but they had to stick to the time. Below, we highlight a statement from each film spot that stood out to our team. Check out the full videos and be sure to share them as well.


Randy Hill 

“As a community we benefit from the financial contribution the hospital makes to our economy. Nevertheless, we are in a period of the most radical change in healthcare in our history. Meeting this challenge will require excellent leadership and excellent governance.”

John Mohun — incumbent

“The fundamental question we need to ask as board members is what are the community needs and what do they expect from the healthcare district? The answer is trust, accountability, and affordability.”

Alyce Wong

“I know what quality care looks like and feels like. At Tahoe Forest I’ve experienced it as well as provided it, and I want it to continue for myself, for my family, and members of this community.”

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