If necessity is the mother of all invention, then creativity must be the father. Without creativity, we would never catch a glimpse of the unforeseen, tilt our heads, and say, ‘Huh, there’s an idea.’

From humankind’s first hand tools to the industrial revolution mills to the handheld mega-computers of today, innovation was the driving factor. Our human history is rich with examples of creative thought shifting the wheel of time, setting us on a different path. Indeed, it seems safe to say that the saga of human civilization is intimately tied to creativity, and thus it is critically important to our future.


Creativity requires flexible thinking, or imagination. It’s rather like un-focusing the mind and seeing what pops up in the periphery. As with any habit, it gets stronger and more easily accessed when practiced. Simple actions can promote creative thought: taking a different route home, visiting local art galleries, or facing a crisis and asking, ‘How can I overcome this?’

This month, in ‘Tahoe Trendsetters’ (see article), Moonshine Ink features locals who practice creativity in the everyday act of getting dressed. Next month, we invite everyone to get creative and share it in our Tahoe Winter Annual (see ad, p. 10 in print edition).

Let’s practice creativity, Tahoe/Truckee, and shift our wheel of time onto a higher path.

What’s your creative habit? Email me at

Mayumi Elegado


  • Mayumi Peacock

    Mayumi Peacock was made in the Philippines, born in Minnesota, and has lived on both U.S. coasts, plus a few more shorelines overseas. From an early age, she was passionate about the written word and the power of storytelling. This interest fortuitously led to her current position as publisher/owner of Moonshine Ink. She has lived in Truckee/Tahoe since 1999, and is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and sustainable community.

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