Truth in Love Communication


    May 22, 2022 12:00 pm / 2:00 pm


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      215 Carnelian Bay Avenue

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      Rev. Pam Cosby Brandman

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    SUNDAY, MAY 22nd. Melissa and Z are visiting CSL-TT to provide a service and workshop, so please join us in a life changing experience! Service starts at 10AM. Workshop from 12- 2pm. The TLC process is a way to uncover, express, and shift shadow emotions blocking personal and spiritual growth.
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    or Call/Email us! (530) 553-1700

    More detail info about their workshop:

    Based on the work of Dr. John Sarno – the TLC process is a way to uncover, express, and shift shadow emotions blocking personal and spiritual growth.

    The work of Dr. John Sarno is revolutionary. The two of us have experienced amazing mindbody healings – including relief from pain such as, back/neck pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines and much more! To support these healings, we’ve come up with a process called Truth in Love Communication (TLC). This process strengthens the mindbody healing and helps prevent mindbody disorders in the first place. Our 2 hour workshop will teach all about Sarno’s work and the TLC process to support it. Come get healed!

    About Melissa and Z: Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillipe and Rev. Z Egloff are long-time students and teachers of consciousness and transformation. They are both ordained ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living, holding Masters Degrees from Holmes Institute. Melissa is a Toltec Mentor personally trained by don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Z also holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and Melissa has an honorary Doctorate for her contributions to the field of New Thought music. Melissa and Z are the founders of OhMyGod Life, an online and traveling ministry. At their virtual home,, they offer videos, music, books, classes, and more. They also speak, perform, and facilitate workshops and retreats world-wide.

    TLC Workshop, Melissa Phillippe and Z Egloff: John E Sarno was a doctor at New York University known for his revolutionary mind/body technique for healing chronic pain and other disorders. Z Egloff was first introduced to his work when they used it to heal chronic back pain. Z introduced Sarno’s work to their wife, Melissa, and the two of them developed a practice, called TLC, to support the emotional component of Sarno’s work. The TLC practice strengthens mind/body healing and can help prevent mind/body disorders from developing in the first place.

    In their TLC workshop, on Sunday May 22 from Noon-2pm, participants will learn more about Sarno’s work. They will also have an experiential introduction to the TLC practice and will leave the workshop with all the tools they need to use the TLC practice, and Sarno’s work, for mind/body healing.

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