October 6, 2021 12:00 am


    • Address

      12047 Donner Pass Road Suite B2 Truckee, CA 96161

    • Contact

      send an email to info@tahoemountainfit.com with questions or to request additional information

    • Price

      First timer Drop-in $20 https://www.tahoemountainfit.com/drop-ins Drop-in $28 Class packs & Memberships available https://www.tahoemountainfit.com/memberships https://www.tahoemountainfit.com/class-packs

    Building off of Pilates 1.0’s foundation, we dive into more dynamic movements and more complex use of the pilates equipment. Dial up precision and execution of exercises to initiate stronger changes in the body and the mind. Progressions are offered and class rhythm is steady. Coordination, balance, stability and strength will be challenged, elevating your practice and your body and mind.
    *Recommended for those already familiar with basic Pilates Reformer.

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