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You Asked. They Answered.

Readers submit questions and we find the right people to answer them. It’s geared toward public agencies, but also swoops in other entities.

What’s Happening to the Businesses at the Old Gateway Center; Are...

How was the transition for the businesses in the Old Gateway Center now that Tahoe Forest Health System has purchased the remaining buildings? Why did the hospital choose now to purchase those? Plus, are bear populations increasing? You asked, they answered, here.

Why is the Hospice Thrift Store Retail Area Smaller; What’s the...

Why did the Truckee Hospice Thrift Store significantly reduce its retail floor? The Truckee Hospice Thrift Store located on West River Street is a recycling and storage...

What’s Happening at the Dollar Creek Development in Tahoe City; How...

A developer returns with an eye toward achievable housing; the Nahas property clarifies its income range; and fishing regulations change across the region and state.

Will Truckee Ban Campfires and Wood Barbecues This Summer; Why Doesn’t...

With such a healthy snowpack this year, why did flows out of Lake Tahoe not increase earlier, and why not let out more to prevent potential flooding? And, why is the fire district is planning a summer ban on outdoor fires?

New Snow Removal Practices in Truckee/Tahoe; is Incline Keeping Up?

Snow removal … a topic that was on everyone’s mind this January. How are local agencies keeping up with the incoming atmospheric rivers?

Amtrak Accident Victim, What Happened?

Amtrak accident victim Aaron Salazar has awakened. What’s the latest news?

Why are Gas Prices So High; Are Impact Fees Curbing Development?

Why are gas prices always so high; do development impact fees hinder achievable local housing being built in our area; and are those fees higher than other areas?

A Dried Up Housing/Park Opportunity; Funds are Going Down the Pipeline

What’s up with the old drained ponds east of town and south of the Legacy Trail? And, some clarification on Incline Village’s effluence.

Hospital Markups; Parking in the Bike Lane; and Camping Off Limits

Exorbitant hospital charges, parking in the bike lane, and soon to open camping at Webber Lake.

You “Don’t” Got Mail; and Answering the Age-Old Question, is Moonshine...

Learn why some packages have been delayed and what the Truckee Post Office is doing about it, as well as find the answer to an age-old question about Moonshine Ink