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How to Piss off a Tahoe Local

After 25 years of living in Tahoe, writer Suzanne Roberts knows a thing or two about the obnoxious or dangerous things visitors do on occasion that can infuriate locals.

Numbers Game: Visitors and Parking Lots

How are visitors to the Tahoe Basin calculated? Plus, a major parking lot expansion at the East Shore’s popular Chimney Beach is underway. What will happen to it during wintertime?

Do Tell: What Were Your Summer Tourist Season Experiences?

For the October Do Tell, Ted Coakley III asks readers, What were your 2023 summer tourist season experiences or feelings?

15 Million Visitors and the Search for Public Beaches

Visitors abound each year in Tahoe, especially in the summer. In this month’s YATA, we asked how many people actually travel our way, and where the public/private property lines on Tahoe’s beaches lie (it’s different for each state).

Hospital Discharge; Airport Board Support; Data Shortcomings

Airport board recommendations; response to tourism numbers; more.

Rise of illegal campfires spark trail-host pilot program


Episode 69 | September 9, 2020

Most people have heard how a pyrotechnic gender reveal ignited the El Dorado fire outside San Bernardino this past Saturday. Many are asking, “how do we get it through our thick human skulls that this is fire season?” The Tahoe National Forest recently started a local program to help drill this fact into our collective psyche.

Tahoe Crowds


Episode 68 | September 3, 2020

While scuttlebutt says crowds have swelled this pandemic summer, the data tracking how many people are here points to a slight decrease overall. The reason for the congestion may be that the type of visitor has shifted. Reporting by Alex Hoeft.

Loved to Death, Our Overcrowded Summer 2020

September 14, 2020: What was the reality behind the Tahoe summer crowds this year, and what effects did COVID-19 have on visitorship?

It’s Raining Skiers and Snowboarders!

A decade full of snowfall and skiers, all wrapped up.