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Addressing Questions About Covid Vaccine Safety

About a third of Americans are not convinced about the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine. In this special Q&A, we round up concerns that some locals have, and Washoe County Health Officer Kevin Dick answers.

Shots, shots, shots …

An ode to the changing times.

How are COVID-19 Vaccines Faring in Nevada County?

How is Nevada County’s COVID vaccination distribution faring? What negative reactions are being seen? Dr. Scott Kellermann, county public health officer, shares his thoughts on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Will you take the COVID vaccine when it becomes available to...

It’s a fraught topic. When I posed the question on Facebook, 116 of our users weighed in with comments, plus 32 reacts. I was...

COVID-19 is the Many-Faced God

On the ground with the novel coronavirus: How the disease has devastated local human bodies, changed hospitals from the inside out, and led to vastly different opinions about how we will ultimately conquer it.