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Words Flow for our Summer Intern, Lola Barta

An aspiring journalist, high schooler Lola Barta is reporting for Moonshine Ink this summer.

Play it Forward

Alice Cotter’s love for music began with her grandmother’s emotional piano sessions. Today, she not only teaches music, but also works to make music education accessible to everyone through her nonprofit, MusicWings, which provides scholarships to those in need.

Truckee High’s Own Renaissance Man

Becoming a high school chemistry teacher was never part of Ian Kuhn’s plan. But along came Covid, and the Pennsylvania native found himself on a whole new lifepath.

Keira Scott: Truckee’s Own Greta Sparks Climate Advocacy

Truckee High School senior Keira Scott leads climate action initiatives, both locally and on the national stage. Her dedicated efforts inspire students and policymakers.


Truckee High School grads load the early chair at Alpine Meadows before commencement.

Pressures for Californian College-Bound Students

High school seniors feel pressure to get into UCs and CSUs, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to gain acceptance. So what are kids to do?

Palisades’ Revised EIR; Hyatt Renovations Stalled; Placer and El Dorado File...

Palisades Tahoe’s revised EIR goes before Placer County; Hyatt renovations; Truckee student designs ski for Nordica; TDPUD recovers funds lost in storm damages; more.

Truckee High Teacher’s Refusal of Covid Vaccine, Testing Results in Unpaid...

Margie Seehuetter was dismissed from her job of 28 years after refusing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or submit to regular testing. She claims religious exemption — the school district says no.

The Gateway to $120 Billion in College Grants

Applying for federal student aid is quick, can pay major dividends, and should be done by every college-bound senior

Comfort in Continuity

Back-to-school is usually time for a return to routine, but this year, students are faced with considerable uncertainty.