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The Birth of the Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue

Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue was born out of tragedy in the ’70s, and over the years, the rag-tag group of skiers developed into an-all volunteer organization of highly skilled rescuers.

Placer County Approves $3.2 Million for Trails and Restoration; Eight Sugar...

Briefs: 1 Feb. to 7 Feb., including Placer County’s approval of $3.2 million for trails and restoration projects, and details on the eight Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy alums who will compete in the Olympics this year.

Tahoe Keys Chemical Control Test Methods Approved to Mitigate Aquatic Invasive...

Briefs: 25 Jan. - 31 Jan., including the next step in the approval of aquatic invasive weeds removal methods in the Tahoe Keys