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Nourish Thy Neighbor

Tahoe Food Hub Giving Box program donates fresh produce to those facing food insecurity.

Business Briefs | September 10 – October 7, 2020

Lumber yard moves; new ways to shop; new positions filled

Gateway Gardens

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an uptick in home gardening, but the benefits are reaching farther than the tables of those doing the growing.

Waste Not, Want Not.

Web: When it comes to composting, not all food waste is considered equal. Know what you can and cannot put in the community compost bins in Truckee.

Business Briefs | June 11 – July 8, 2020

Resorts planning ahead; new summer reads; new hires; more.

News Briefs | June 11 – July 8, 2020

A thousand chickens; new housing projects and programs; 2020 construction, donations, and suspensions; more.

Waste Less, Save More

In a time when people are packing their pantries and refrigerators with a surplus of food, follow these tips to cut back on excess kitchen waste.

Our Local Food Movement Lives On

Tahoe Food Hub’s Susie Sutphin reacts to the October My Shot that declares Tahoe’s local food movement dead, and explains the movement that allowed her organization to flourish.

Business Briefs | November 14 – December 11, 2019

KidZone Loses Placer Funding NORTH LAKE TAHOE Editor's note: Though one of the criteria for future funding initially adopted by the First 5 Placer commission did require agencies be...

Slow Food Lake Tahoe Begs To Differ

Andrea Schaffer, president of Slow Food Lake Tahoe, agrees with much of Gary Romano’s perspective in his October My Shot on the disappearance of the local food movement in the Tahoe area, but she cites many positive examples that show that it’s not all bad news.


Withering on the Vine

Killing It

Setting the Record Straight

When Demand Exceeds Supply