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Houses Removed, a Rumor Debunked, and Staying Within the Forest Lines

Why were two residences by the railroad tracks in Truckee removed? Did Boatworks buy the Tahoe City Lodge property? What are those wooden bench-looking structures in national forests?

Ribbon Cutting for New Martis Valley Trail; Labor Day Events; NLTRA’s...

How to spend Labor Day, remembering Larry Hoffman, new Martis Valley Trail, Tahoe City Lodge update, and more in this week’s news briefs.

Is the Proposed Tahoe City Lodge Getting Special Treatment?

A response to Parched River to Come; Stalled Tahoe City Lodge Comes to Life, the author of this My Shot says development plans for the Tahoe City Lodge don’t cut it.

Parched River to Come; Stalled Tahoe City Lodge Comes to Life

As fire bests water across the West, the Truckee River will bear the brunt of the drought this fall. Tahoe City Lodge developer is cautiously optimistic that it will … finally … begin construction.

Tahoe City Lodge Moves Forward … or Does It?

The saga over the Tahoe City Lodge — a $60 million boutique hotel project that was approved in 2016 but subsequently delayed by two lawsuits — may be coming to an end. But yet another legal hurdle remains.