Sports and Outdoors

Our Sports & Outdoors section taps into the passion that Tahoe/Truckee has for sports, be it on the mountain, in the gym, or on the kids’ fields. We cover the region’s bad*ss sun and snow sports experts as well as community wellness and health topics.

Little Shredders

Stop at the Truckee Bike Park on any given day and it’s not out of the ordinary to find children as young as 2 or 3 perched on a balance bike, doing their best Fred Flintstone and using their little feet to push their way around the track. Here and elsewhere local organizations have ramped up efforts to bring biking into the lives of young ones. Social media: Little Shredders: Local organizations introduce biking into the lives of young ones.

Growing Pains

Mountain bikers dream of circumnavigating our Great Blue Lake on a pair of heavily-treaded wheels. Some local groups agree and are helping achieve that dream; other community stakeholders work to keep rubber off dirt and rocks in some Tahoe-adjacent areas.


Ryan Wood’s stories are filled with hot air. Literally. The Truckee resident has many tales to tell, most of them beginning with flying in a hot air balloon.

Full-Contact Roller Divas

Roller derby is alive and well in Lake Tahoe

Exercising for Two

Dave Jack offers expert fitness advice on how to keep both yourself and your baby as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy.

Skiing in a Warming World


Climate change could make our ski seasons substantially shorter.

Homewood Snowcat Adventures


Hunting down freshies with the only cat skiing operation in the Tahoe Basin.

Grooming with Hart


While female groomers still only make up a fraction of the grooming crew — at Squaw there are only two women groomers out of 37 — women don’t need a #MeToo movement to break into grooming; only the desire to learn.


It’s All About the Boots


Bootfitting was once taboo in the ski industry and is often pushed aside for branding and customer churn. But no ski race has ever been won without it.

Caroline Gleich

An Evening with Adventuresome Activist Caroline Gleich


Alpenglow’s yearly Winter Speaker Series continues Feb. 7, when Salt Lake City-based ski mountaineer and adventurer Caroline Gleich ventures to Squaw to discuss how adventure and activism are intertwined.