Soul Kitchen

Highlighting what’s in season, sharing recipes, shining a light on local eateries, and nutritional tidbits.

Dinner in the Barn


Gary Romano is an organic farmer in Sierra Valley who believes consumers should know where their veggies come from. Mark Estee, co-owner and executive chef of Moody’s Bistro & Lounge, is dedicated to buying organic and locally-grown food. Together, they’re a match made in foodie heaven.

Taking it Slow, with Food


As the name indicates, the mission of Slow Food is the exact opposite of fast food. In essence, it’s about going back to a simpler, pre-industrial time – when eating was a family and communal event, when people knew where their food came from, and regional cuisines were celebrated.

It Must Be a New Moon


Why Truckee’s health food store went big

Gardening with Altitude: Yes you can


In the now-famous words of President Obama, a new organization in Truckee wants you to know that, 'yes we can.' The group is not talking about creating a political shift in the country, but its message is almost as radical. They’re talking about high altitude gardening.

Photos by Seth Lightcap

Farmin’ Family


Truckee clan starts town’s first major farm

Chicken Outlaw


 One Truckee man’s fight to raise hens at home

This Homebrew’s For You


Kevin Drake opens up bringing homebrewing to the masses in Tahoe.

Sugar Bowl

Lake Mary Cabin Dinners


Sept. 11 and 25, Sugar Bowl Resort

Made in Tahoe


Local folks making food

Food Revolution


Determined parents and food activists are changing what TTUSD students eat, for the better.