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Lacking Self-Awareness on Social Media

People moving here must understand the culture before complaining.

In the Social Know

Become a bona fide Tahoe/Truckee citizen by following the right social media accounts. Rachel Arst McCullough breaks down how to stay informed and connected locally without spending hours on social media.

I, Too

The aftershock of Kiely Rodni’s disappearance and death last month continues to shake our community. “I, too, am feeling it,” says, Moonshine Ink’s digital content reporter, Kyra Mattson.

Nom, Nom, Nom

The greed of social media outlets over advertising dollars harms local news.

A Free Market for Ideas

This My Shot from a contact of Moonshine’s in the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors argues that social media shouldn’t be regulated to allow for a truly free marketplace of ideas.

Learning In Real Time

Following a year and a half of pandemic restrictions that resulted in a lack of socialization, students must learn once again how to function in a full-day school setting surrounded by their peers.

Through the Looking Glass: A Parent’s Fear

How do I raise a kid who’s not obsessed with screens?

Killer Apps

Can’t see the fire through the (social media) smoke.

Policing Via Social Media

“Social media has changed the game a bit” in the world of policing. Now local offices use the ubiquitous platforms more than ever.

Free Speech ≠ Uninhibited Reach

A slip of the tongue and a de-platformed president inspired a spiral of thoughts in the Ink’s digital content editor about the role and control of social media in society.