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How a Resort with the Logo “Smile, You Are at Homewood!”...

A devoted Homewood skier is angry at the ski resort after she claims she was unfairly targeted for being a woman.

Ski Patroller Shares How to Navigate Inbound Avalanche Terrain Safely

Any slope over 30 degrees, inside or outside ski resort boundaries, is considered avalanche terrain. Here’s what skiers and snowboarders should be keeping in mind when recreating in such areas.

Will Palisades Follow Through on Its Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity?

A mother hopes that a Palisades discrimination incident will help make the ski resort become more inclusive going forward.

Let My People Go to School

In her My Shot opinion piece, Carolyn Highland shares how difficult a constant barrage of downhill ski resort traffic makes life for teachers, students, and other community members.

Meanwhile in the Palisades Parking Lot …

There’s no more cherished object among skiers than the planks they wear on their feet. The older the better!

Ski Patrol Pups

Megan Jost’s watercolor illustrations appear with Megan Butcher’s story in the childrens book Ski Patrol Pups about how a trainee golden retriever puppy named Walter joined the Alpine Meadows Rescue dog team. The book is at Word After Word Books and in other venues this winter. Watercolors by Megan Jost

Traffic Jams, Tahoe-style

Not how’s the skiing, but how’s the traffic?

Gone and Almost Forgotten: The Other Alpine Meadows Ski Area

Long before there were Palisades Tahoe and the Base-to-Base Gondola, Alpine Meadows was known for a small ski area at the entrance to the valley.

Early Days of Tahoe Skier Glory…

Pat Dillon reflects on the days of skiing on skinny rockets and burning the midnight oil with Tahoe skiers of the 1970s and ’80s.

Passes, and Advance Tickets, Reign Supreme at Ski Resorts

While walk-up lift ticket prices can cause sticker shock, ski resorts are steering customers to buy tickets in advance online or season passes as the most affordable way to ski.