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Challenge the Inevitability of Snarled Traffic

“It’s a heart-hurt to view idling vehicles lined up as far as the eye can see,” our editors say collectively in this month’s group editorial. “There is a carrying capacity inherent for any system and clearly we are exceeding ours here.”

Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Brings Avalanche Awareness to Teens

Local teens learn to stay alive when lost in the backcountry from Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team members in an annual avalanche survival class offered to students for free.

Tahoe is Broken

The author of this My Shot is part of the new coalition Take Back Tahoe which aims to restrict the number and location of STRs on the North Shore; here’s her outline of the extent of the problem and solutions she sees that could start to solve it.

Snow Sculptures

How the forest creatures see our winter plowing shenanigans: rearranging snow.

Pre-Colonization Peoples

The Truckee/North Tahoe region is rich in Native American history.

The Battle for the Green Bubble

As the “last green forest left in the Sierra Nevada,” the Tahoe region unfolds a plan to curb tree mortality to reduce catastrophic wildfire risks.