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Words Matter: Beachy Read Recommendations

Summer is here and the experts at Word After Word Books want you to know — any book you bring to the beach counts as a beach read! In this month’s Words Matter, they share some favorites.

Spinning Wax

Vinyl records are making a comeback. What’s fueling the return to analog, and do records really sound better?

Wild Reads

Word After Word Books debuts its new column, Words Matter, in this edition of Moonshine Ink. The column will feature reviews and recommendations of unique books available locally at Word After Word.

Words Matter: Holiday Picks for Those on Your Gift List

The experts at Word After Word Books share their picks for your holidays shopping lists. From memoirs and travel tales to kid vampire slayers and nature, you’re sure to find the perfect gift.

Are You Experienced?

With print book sales thriving and the addition of the vinyl records, Word after Word Books and its new endeavor, Rock Cellar Records, are proving that both aren’t a thing of the past.