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When the Commons Was Removed From Commons Beach

The central beach in Tahoe City, Commons Beach, was deeded to the public in the late 19th century but for a time was taken over by private interests. A mysterious event opened it back up to the public.

Speak With Care

Language matters. This My Shot reflects on a popular former opinion piece which discussed new residents avoiding being an “invasive species,” and why, historically and looking toward a brighter future, we need to avoid such characterization.

A Brief History of the Tahoe Economy

The economies in this region have varied depending on the peoples who created them. Here’s a lightning quick recap that starts thousands of years ago and goes through to today.

The Chinese Question

Racism toward Chinese people runs deep in Truckee’s history, which is a direct through-line to today’s ramp-up in anti-Asian sentiment and hate crimes. This My Shot addresses how we have to be vigilant against this continued threat.

Rosie the Riveter and the WASP

Placer County’s own Rosie the Riveter was a trendsetter in female mechanics. She still lives in Auburn as we look back to another time the nation needed to come together, WWII.