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Thinkin’ of You’s Workin’ Up My Appetite

Pollination is in the air
Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect May 2022

Readers responded to Moonshine’s latest month with a variety of input — wondering why Ukraine is being localized instead of other invasions and wars; constructing a skate park(s) in Tahoe City (and Truckee!); and remembering the good ol’ days with groovy music and local radio.

Is Lake Tahoe a National Treasure or a County Treasure?

Should Lake Tahoe be managed as a national treasure or a source of treasure for Washoe County? My Shot writer Ann Nichols weighs in.

30 Kid-tastic Years

The circle of locals' lives

Buying By the Gallon

Can high gas prices finally boot us into new behavior?

Honor Scotty Lapp by Helping to Build a Skateboard Park in Tahoe City

A young My Shot writer advocates for a Tahoe City skateboard park in honor of teenager Scotty Lapp, who died tragically in a skiing accident this winter.

Mary Ferrari Left a Legacy of Love and Kindness

Less than three months after learning of a malignant brain tumor, Mary has left her earthly body and is soaring free and at peace. She was a strong and empathetic warrior during this final...

Zelensky vs. Putin

Honor people or control them? The choice is made clear by the Russian-Ukraine War.

The Sights and Sounds of E-Bike Riding Aren’t Bad

My Shot author Suzie Tarnay explains why her vehicle of choice is an e-bike.

Gas Prices Affecting Truckee/Tahoe Behavior

How will the current high gas prices affect your behavior?