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Obituary: Jesse David Boeri

Longtime Tahoe/Truckee community member and adventure enthusiast Jesse David Boeri will be sorely missed after his July 1 death, but “Jesse lives,” writes his longtime partner in a Moonshine obituary.

Trail Mix

So many new places to pee.

Killer Apps

Can’t see the fire through the (social media) smoke.
Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect August 2021

In response to Hospitality Needs to Work Both Ways; trash and plastic pollution, climate change; No Housing, No Employees; more

Local Learning

Truckee's proposed new library can help out the newbs.

Hospitality Needs to Work Both Ways

The service industry is in crisis, writes Fifty-Fifty co-founder Alicia Barr in her exclusive My Shot, and part of the solution is for customers to be patient with strained employees.

Joe Biden is No Radical, But …

Reno News & Review CEO Jeff vonKaenel knows that Joe Biden is no revolutionary; his My Shot argues why he sees our current president as the right person to lead, right now.