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Before the Banzai


As the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour makes its way through a tour of four Tahoe ski resorts, it is becoming part of a long tradition of local ski competitions that date back to the days of wooden skis.

The Host of Hotel de Chipmunk


Of the cast of colorful characters that have manned Martis Peak Lookout's "Hotel de Chipmunk," circus tumbler and cigar roller Frank "Waddles" Maher was king.

Ice, Ice Baby


Ice, not snow, has been the region’s recreation surface of choice during this snowless start to winter.

Uncivil Liberties Becoming Way Too Common


The regiments of the rude. Once an irritant on the periphery of our lives, has become a mighty army. And especially in a Tahoe August, with the crowds of tourists, traffic and Caltrans, it’s inescapable.

Billboards: Signs of the Time


As I was rounding a corner and driving down a hill, a billboard caught my attention. Above a picture of a new housing development at one of the local resorts, these five words are written: 'Owners have all the fun.' This got me thinking.

Ruminations On Winter


Wishing for winter to stay a little longer.

The Art of Slowing Down


Are you feeling over busy? Stretched to the limit? I've got just the thing for you.

White Quicksand


Thoughts from the top.