On Sale Now

On Sale Now provides a listing of homes for sale, with a lighthearted approach to real estate.

Four Homes with Second Income Opportunities

Second income opportunities come in all shapes and sizes when purchasing a home. Here we showcase four options, including two with separate rental units.

Four Homes With Buoy Access

Four very different homes that all have one thing in common — buoy access.

Four Homes with a Filtered Lake View

Let’s be real, lakefront houses are pricey. Thankfully, there’s a solution — here are four homes with filtered lake views that will still showcase that oh-so-famous alpenglow.

Four Homes Located Off the Beaten Path

Four homes that are located a little bit outside of town. What they lack in proximity to the grocery story they make up in stunning landscape and affordable price tags.

Four Big-A** Houses

  These houses are HUGE — which would you buy if you could?

Residential Real Estate | February 10 – March 9, 2017

Four homes that save you from arduous shoveling, via small or covered porches, garages, and/or roofs that don’t slide into a need-to-be-shoveled zone.