Nature's Corner

Nature’s Corner allows Moonshine Ink to profile something happening in the great outdoors, either a species of plant or animal or relevant event happening involving nature, or even a person working in nature

A Bee for a Bellhop and a Chipmunk Concierge


Insect hotels are one way to beautify your yard while making an attractive getaway for bugs and bees.

Mostly Just Passing Through


The sandhill crane was spotted in Truckee this fall as they migrated to California’s Central Valley for the winter.

Sierra’s Masked Bandit


The raccoon is one of the most common forest creatures, but some of its traits are anything but.

Thoughts from an Untrained Naturalist


A life-long education in the great outdoors has taught Eve Quesnel to savor the natural wonders that are all around us.

Let’s Go Birding!


Tahoe Institute for Natural Science's Big Year, which enlists locals and visitors' help to chronicle every bird species in the Tahoe area, begins Jan. 1.

Raining Pine Needles


Every two to three years, pine and fir trees shed their needles, an event known as a needle drop.

The Quintessential Mountain Bird


The red-tailed hawk is the prototypical mountain bird.

The Tridentatas


The tridentatas - sagebrush and bitterbrush - are synonomous with the West and provide the major groundcover for Tahoe.

Whoooo is the Pygmy-Owl?


The pint-sized pygmy-owl is adorable, but be thankful you're not its prey.

One Fir, Two Fir, Red Fir, White Fir


Learn to tell the difference between the white and red fir.