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Describe Your ‘Sit Spot’

A sit spot is somewhere in nature you return to frequently, a natural backdrop for your growth and reflection. Here are a few Truckee/Tahoe peoples’ thoughts on the concept.

Nature’s Course

The ongoing effort of keeping predators at bay is a constant reminder of nature’s power.

Breaking Wildfire Records (and Not in a Good Way)


Episode 83 | October 15, 2020

California is on fire and Tahoe is essentially a giant matchstick. We looked into why 2020 has proven to be so bad in the wildfire arena, plus what fire districts are doing to battle the blazes. Reporting and broadcasting by Alex Hoeft.

Back Off

Parting Shot

Raise. Rehabilitate. Release.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care in South Lake Tahoe is neither a zoo nor a sanctuary, but a rehabilitation site that takes in abandoned and injured animals and birds. After medical attention and care, LTWC releases wildlife back into the wild.

GET OUT & GO: There’s No Place Like Home

Remember that pre-smartphone experience of sitting with your thoughts, letting them resonate instead of blocking them out with constant noise? Unplug, go outside, and be inspired by nature and the people around you.

GET OUT & GO: Crystal Mine

Channel your inner geologist with a day trip to Crystal Peak Mine.

Flipping Into Spring

Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee held its 10th annual CR Johnson Memorial Lion Heart Art Show on Feb. 7. Works created by local artists were featured.