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My Shot

My Shots are essentially our version of an Op-ed. These opinion pieces are either submitted to the paper, then vetted and edited by the opinion editor, or solicited based on our desires for hitting certain topics. My Shots are Moonshine Ink opinion pieces that must take a stance on an issue — typically starting with a problem, establishing an argument for your stance, then answering with a call to action.

Word limit for a traditional My Shot is 600 words, and as of 2021 we are accepting longer (1,000 word count limit) submissions on a case-by-case basis. Email editors@moonshineink.com to submit yours!

Riding the ‘Rona Waves

The moment California went into lockdown, I was taking photos of Granlibakken’s sled hill. It was a strange thing, looking at a text and knowing that I needed to go home — now. It...

Hospitality Needs to Work Both Ways

The service industry is in crisis, writes Fifty-Fifty co-founder Alicia Barr in her exclusive My Shot, and part of the solution is for customers to be patient with strained employees.

Joe Biden is No Radical, But …

Reno News & Review CEO Jeff vonKaenel knows that Joe Biden is no revolutionary; his My Shot argues why he sees our current president as the right person to lead, right now.

The Positive Effect of Negative Space

Last month’s issue covered all things economy … yet didn’t discuss arts and culture, which represents a whopping 7% of California’s economy. What gives? In a My Shot, local artist and arts advocate Sara Smith argues for why art should never be a “kids’ table only” topic.

Speak With Care

Language matters. This My Shot reflects on a popular former opinion piece which discussed new residents avoiding being an “invasive species,” and why, historically and looking toward a brighter future, we need to avoid such characterization.

Tackling Invasive Species is a Truckee/Tahoe Priority

While the most visible ecological threats like litter and wildfire deserve our attention, the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s CEO wants you to understand that invasive species are a true threat to the lake’s health and clarity, right now.

Don’t Blame the Visitor for Structural Problems

One North Shore resident feels there’s been a sense of blaming visitors on community issues like the housing shortage and trash since the onslaught of Covid-19. His My Shot provides his perspective on structural problems he sees as the real root cause.

Heat Your Home with a Heat Pump

Local resident Jeb Mirczak recommends a heat pump for home central heating rather than propane or other options. He shares his energy and financial savings since switching in his My Shot.

Will Our Demand for Water Lead to a Loss of Wetlands?

With Truckee’s full-time resident population projected to increase by 65% from where it is now once build-out of its current general plan is reached, this My Shot addresses how the increased water demand could threaten a vital resource: wetlands.

The Chinese Question

Racism toward Chinese people runs deep in Truckee’s history, which is a direct through-line to today’s ramp-up in anti-Asian sentiment and hate crimes. This My Shot addresses how we have to be vigilant against this continued threat.